How Others Use Zentangle®

Providing Entertainment

Zentangle is fun to perform and mesmerizes the mind. You can create them alone or with a group. Some use Zentangle to create games such as matching pairs. You might also use Zentangle as a hybrid form of Pictionary.

Increasing Relaxation

Zentangle offers a quick way to redirect your focus and enter a relaxed state almost immediately. It does not require a practiced physical discipline such as yoga, nor does it require a uniform, location or specialized equipment in order to become relaxed.

Enhancing Education

Zentangle is appropriate for all age levels. Whether in public, private or home schooling environments, Zentangle can improve:
  • Handwriting
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Creativity and personal expression
  • Problem solving
  • Cross-cultural appreciation
  • Relaxation and focus

Motivational Training

Zentangle exercises have been used to direct workshops or seminars dealing with the following issues:
  • Individual self-worth
  • Problem solving
  • Individual roles within a team
  • Staying focused under pressure
  • Accessing inner knowledge and guidance
  • Anger management

Artistic Encouragement

Zentangle removes the barrier for people who are convinced they can't draw as it removes the intimidation of a blank sheet of paper. With Zentangle, a beginner's work can be put next a professional's work and fit right in.