Level 1 and Level 2 are Introduction classes

Zentangle® is a unique meditative art form used to create beautiful images from repetitive pattern making.
In the Level 1 beginning stages, participants learn the philosophy behind Zentangle, take the first steps in creating tangles and practice repetitive pattern making to complete a Zentangle tile.
This first class is required for most other class offerings.
In Level 2, participants build on pattern making skills learned through the process of pattern deconstruction, the first step to creating one's own tangles.  Also taught is the technique of shading, this technique makes the Zentangle tile come alive.

While Zentangle may seem intricate and complex, its simplicity, fun and captivating nature quickly become evident. After you create a piece of Zentangle art, you can transfer the insights learned and success you feel to any life experience.

To learn more about Zentangle or to register for classes, contact Deborah Phelps Miller, CZT at 330/668-9426 or email questions to the address at handsdp@gmail.com.