Beyond the Basics & Ensembles

As participants progress through the first stages of Zentangle®, more and more advanced techniques 
become available both through instruction and personal realization.
Once you have completed your first Zentangle tile initial, the tangles may seem flat or call for something that feels more elaborate, something that truly brings out the vibrant nature of Zentangle. This class will help you take your tangles to this next level.
Shading between tangles manifests new life in your art and helps connect the many tangles into a complex yet unified form. It helps to create a flowing sensation between the lines and creats a vibration or movement of the lines on the paper.
Participants will practice shading and learn the various techniques to create vibrant pieces of artwork.

Participants will also take steps to build a Zentangle ensemble. What is a Zentangle ensemble? It is several Zentangle tiles individually created and when completed form one unified piece of artwork. The beauty created by multiple tiles blending into a compound tangle is truly inspiring and helps to broaden your creative abilities even further.