Zentangle® Classes Offered

Level 1: The Basics

Participants learn the philosophy behind Zentangle, take the first steps in creating tangles and practice repetitive pattern making to complete a Zentangle tile. 
Level 1 is required for most other Zentangle class offerings.

Level 2: The Basics Plus

Participants build on pattern making skills learned through the process of pattern deconstruction, the first step to creating one's own tangles.  Also taught is the technique of shading, this technique makes the Zentangle tile come alive.

Beyond the Basics -- also known as Zentangle Inspired or Tangled Art

In the Tangled Art class one begins with a recognizable final outcome. This approach is different from the "beginner's mind" of Zen where the outcome is unknown.
Use of color is introduced and incorporated.


en-sem'-ble, all parts of a whole taken together, such that each part is considered in relation to its whole.
Here participants engage in creating a finished piece of art work consisting of several individual Zentangle tiles pre-strung with a pattern drawn across all tiles so they fit together like a puzzle when completed.
Ensemble art pieces are fun projects for groups and is a great team building teaching tool for orgnizations.

Zendala or Zentangle inspired Mandala

Basic information about the Mandala, or circle prayer, art form is introduced.
Participants learn to build a Mandala without measuring using the skills and repetitive patterns or tangles learned in Zentangle Level 1. 

Zentangle Home Party

This is not your mother's Tupperware Party
You and your guests will learn the philosophy behind the Zentangle process, understand the steps to creating this beautiful artform and create 2 completed tiles of your own.

Home party classes typically run 2 - 2.5 hours. The host or hostess provides the location and guests and an optional snack after the presentation.  Each guest must be able to sit comfortably at a table or with a lap desk.   Number of guests is limited only by space availability. 

Private Zentangle Lessons

We also offer private lessons in our office or a place of your choosing (depending on distance, an additional travel charge my be assessed). Rates depend on the duration of the lesson and the number of people in attendance. 
These custom classes are great for individuals, groups, organizations, or corporate training sessions for team building skills.

Call us for more details at 330/668-9426 or email Deborah Phelps Miller, CZT with your request at handsdp@gmail.com.
Be sure to include a name and number for return calls.