Journal Writing

What is therapeutic journaling?

Journal writing a powerful, personal adjunct to therapy and a valuable traveling companion on the journey of life. Your journal will not judge you and it is completely open to whatever you have to say. We recommend journal writing for many clients as they begin the therapy process, as research has shown the benefits of regular, structured journal exercises to be emotionally beneficial through the ability to better manage feelings and thoughts. For those people who truly desire a better understanding and a better relationship with themselves, journaling is an important part of therapeutic practice.

Writing about your internal weather will be of greater significance in your development than simply writing a diary of your external events. However, expressing how you think or feel about the events or people in your life may be quite significant in the journey to know yourself better. By taking the time to write in a journal as you progress through therapy, you will develop the "observer" part of yourself. You will then be able to dialogue with this inwardness whenever you are faced with life choices, challenges, situations or adjustments.

A common concern with journal writing is the possibility that someone may find it and read it. However, by establishing some healthy boundaries with those around you-such as your family-and conquering your fear of exposure, you will find journal writing to be incredibly expressive, spontaneous and beneficial path to knowing and communicating with yourself.

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