Coaching & Mentoring

One of the great things about humanity is our ability to encourage and support each other. Within the human mind, heart and soul lay the words, thoughts and actions that can contribute to the well-being and betterment of others. At Ridgewood, we recognize this ability in others and share the same spirit by offering motivational coaching and inspiring mentorship services. While these two offerings may sound similar, each represents a different approach to bringing out the best in others.


A coach focuses on performance and has a specific agenda that he or she pursues in a firm manner. As your coach, we will assume a role that is founded in teamwork in order to achieve a goal through various tasks.


A mentor focuses on an individual and acts as a catalyst with an objective viewpoint. Mentors are typically chosen by the mentored individual, and seek to affirm areas of the individual's life through learning.

If you feel our coaching and mentoring services might help you or your organization, contact us at 330-666-1817.

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