Astrology is the long-standing art of looking at energies based on the location of planets. It was assumed that these energies might influence certain characteristics, behavior, thoughts or feelings of those on earth. Late in his distinguished career, Carl Jung noted the connections between the archetypal energies and the energies ascribed to the planets by astrologers. He called astrology the "first psychology."

While this modality can be a valuable adjunct to therapy, it carries with it certain connotations. It is important to understand that we are not astrologers. We simply understand astrology and its application in human living. Inform your therapist if you would like to include elements of astrology in your sessions.

How we do not use astrology:
  • We do not perform readings for clients.
  • We do not offer predictive astrology in terms of uncovering the future influences of planetary energies in people's lives.
  • We do not give readings to couples to decipher compatibility issues.

For all of the above services, clients should seek out a professional astrologer, as therapy is not formulated or based on astrological information, but rather on sound clinical information gained from assessment interviews with clients.

How we do use astrology:
  • We use astrology charts as additional background information that may help in assessing the strengths, gifts and challenges the client brings to his or her life path.
  • We believe charts may show tendencies-not fated events.

Similar to our observations of common characteristics in novels, movies and mythology, astrology provides a construct or lens through which we may observe a client and his or her life theme. In addition to astrology, one should look to a number of alternative methods for assistance.

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