About Massage Therapy & Its Benefits

What is massage therapy?

Massage in general is the manual manipulation of the superficial layer of the soft tissues and connective tissues of the body to enhance function as well as promote relaxation and well-being. Massage is used therapeutically as a system of manually applied techniques and modalities designed to relieve and reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension and create a positive tissue environment that normalizes the movement of the musculoskeletal system.

How can massage therapy help me?

People get massages for many different reasons, the most common of which is relaxation. Massage also improves circulation and relieves muscle tension. As a result of our fast-paced lives, mental and emotional stress has increased. New applications for massage therapy in areas related to mental and emotional well-being are giving rise to individuals receiving massage at the advice of their doctor to help manage both physical and mental stress tension.

The benefits of massage therapy fall into three main categories:
  • Physical
    Massage stretches muscles, improves lymph flow by increasing the elimination of waste products and increases oxygen saturation levels. This increases the rate of healing for injured muscular tissue, improves posture and reduces blood pressure.
  • Mental
    Physical touch has been shown to create biochemical changes in the brain. These changes generate responses on a cellular level such as stimulating the release of endorphins-the body's natural painkillers-resulting in the reduction of pain and anxiety and thus promoting better sleep patterns. This in return reduces fatigue, sharpens concentration and enables clearer thinking.
  • Emotional
    The byproduct of mental biochemical changes may lessen anxiety, creating a better sense of well-being and increasing overall happiness.

Massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen as an adjunct to other healthcare programs such as chiropractic care, physical therapy or psychotherapy. Contact Deborah at 330-668-9246 to discuss how massage therapy can benefit you or to set up an appointment.

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