Muse Collage Class Series (Nine Weeks)

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The Nine Muses from Greek mythology and the lore surrounding them are present in our lives individually and culturally. They are the oldest archetypes for inspiring creativity and developing a healthy feminine aspect—whether we are male or female.

Each muse represented a certain domain of human creativity or study and had a correlating symbol by which they were depicted in classical and modern art. In ancient and classical literature, writers typically invoked a muse for inspiration. Dante, Virgil, Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer and Homer all invoked varying muses to assist them in completing their grand and eternal masterpieces.

In this workshop series, we will identify the modern day muse alive and active in our everyday lives. Using the knowledge of such muse energy, each participant will assemble collages on 4" x 6" cards to represent aspects of their inner landscapes using multi-media materials such as flower petals, leaves, sticks, stones, seeds, colored glass, pastel pencils, and cut-outs.
Through this process participants will gain insights of how the archetypal view of the Nine Muses found within motivate everyday decision making.  This nine-week series dedicates one week to each Muse.
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