Zendala / Mandala

Mandalas are used throughout numerous spiritual disciplines for focusing attention, spiritual teaching, creating sacred spaces and meditation. The symbolic nature of a Mandala can help individuals reach deeper into their subconscious and ultimately build a sense of oneness with the universe.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung saw the Mandala as a representation of the subconscious self allowing him to explore and develop his personality.

Zendala is a process of creating a Mandala using the Zentangle® technique. Using this magical art form to create beautiful tangled mandalas is a fun and easy way to create both a meditative experience and a piece of personal art work.

In this class, participants will harness the innate, compelling sense to create by quieting the mind and filling their Mandalas with tangles creating a beautiful and enchanting piece of art work.       

                                                                                                      image example from zentangle.com

ZenMandala Class

This 3 hour class combines mandala art with the Zentangle process to create a beautiful tangled mandala, called Zendala. 

In this class, you will learn; the steps to make your own Zendala template using the new Zendala® tile, use specific tangles to create a beautiful and enchanting Zendala, add shape and depth with shading.

Cost Includes:  all supplies needed.

If you would like to schedule a class, please contact Deborah for details at: 
330-414-7587 or handsdp@gmail.com 
Most Saturdays, morning or afternoon are available. 
Class is usually scheduled as 2 - 3 hour block of time.
Cost is dependent on number of persons attending.
Individuals are $65.00
2-8 persons = $35.00/person
            Level One Zentangle class by Deborah
  or other CZT suggested.
To Register for the above class:
call Deborah at 330-668-9426 or
send an email to handsdp@gmail.com
A minimum of 2 registered persons,
   2 days prior to class or class may be cancelled.

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