Meet the Therapist

What's that phrase people use before making a major decision? "Consider your options." That's crucial to making effective choices that lead to true happiness. At the Ridgewood Counseling Centre, my role is in concert with my life's philosophy-being of service to others. Having traveled along life's pathways with others, I am able to give clients some notion of what to expect when they choose their path.

I feel that my work is my calling and mission on this earth, and I have been doing it long enough to know that I have the wisdom to do it well—often saving time, money and distress for my clients. I am always endeavoring to see things in new ways, particularly through constant reading and attending workshops on an ongoing basis to develop new knowledge and new skills.

I do not advocate that my clients try something that I have not tried. In all things, I want to know what the experiences feel like before I recommend them to clients. This means that when you come to Ridgewood for any of our therapeutic services, you will be in the best of hands, hearts and minds.

I look forward to serving you on your life journey toward emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Verlin L. Miller, LISW

February 2020
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