Ridgewood Counseling Centre is an established practice offering psychotherapy, counseling and consulting services for individuals, couples, adolescents and businesses. For two decades, family physicians and pediatrician groups have used our services with the assurance that patients will receive competent assessments and effective treatment in specific issues. Whatever the need, you will receive the same quality of service that many physicians have come to expect.

Our Web site is designed to answer your questions about psychotherapy and counseling as well as listing our specific services. You can find more information on specific topics in the navigation above. If you have a specific question concerning any of our services, send us an email in the link provided below.

It is our intention to make this Web site a dynamic, ongoing, changing forum of new information. Take some time explore and visit often to learn new information that will help you in your life journey. We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions for additional information. Thank you for visiting!

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