Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer services that address clients' physical, behavioral, emotional and spiritual concerns. Our objective is to raise the quality of life for all individuals, couples, families, children and organizations that use our services.

We fulfill our mission and objectives through a combination of traditional services based on objective research as well as recognized non-traditional services that directly address the needs of the client or the referring party.

Our objectives for clients:
  • To find creative solutions to life challenges, gain new knowledge and develop habits that bring them closer to the life they truly want to live.
  • To find emotional healing and inspiration that will design a new life from the inside out.
  • To develop a vision that gives life a sense of meaning, purpose and direction.
Our objective for referring physicians:
  • To become the physical health provider to which primary care physicians can refer their patients with confidence, feeling certain that the patients will receive competent, compassionate and collaborative care that addresses the referral's intent.
Our objective for client organizations:
  • To develop an atmosphere of healing, unity and understanding between employees that will assist in growth and promote organizational objectives.

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