What are the benefits to therapy?

Therapy addresses many different needs depending on the client, but in general, it will help you sift through life problems and increase personal well-being. We have several therapy services available according to your needs. Currently there is no longer a mental health therapist on staff.  Please consult your family primary practitioner for a referral if you are seeking mental health therapy.  

What are the benefits to massage therapy?

Massage stretches muscles and improves lymph flow by decreasing waste products and increasing oxygen saturation levels. This creates biochemical changes in the brain that generate responses on a cellular level such as stimulating endorphin release. Pain and anxiety are reduced, thus promoting better sleep patterns-reducing fatigue, sharpening concentration and enabling clearer thoughts. Overall byproducts of biochemical change include reduced anxiety, a better sense of well-being and increased happiness.

What are the benefits to your creativity workshops?

Creativity workshops are designed to augment and exercise your artistic and inspirational abilities. They also help you relax, process the events of the day and develop a sense of spirituality. We offer several different classes that focus on these important aspects of your life and help you come closer to fulfilling your creative ability.

How does your clinical weight loss program work?

 Please refer to our Clinical Weight Loss section or phone Deborah Miller at 330-668-9426.

Click here for more information on fees, appointments and insurance. If you have further questions regarding psychotherapy, please call Verlin Miller at (330) 666-1817. For further questions regarding massage therapy, our clinical weight loss program or creativity workshops, please call Deborah Miller at (330) 668-9426.

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