About Us

Health is a journey and we are here to help. As dedicated professionals with a shared vision to help people begin the journey toward healing and a richer, fuller life, we believe that individuals benefit most when we address the need for emotional and physical well-being. This enables a greater sense of spiritual connectedness and a more effective use of creativity and intellect.

The Ridgewood Centre Wellness Group encompasses four service areas:
  • Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching
    Due to health issues, Verlin L. Miller is no longer seeing clients.  There is not other mental health provider in this practice. 
  • Massage Therapy
    Through nurturing, relaxing and alleviating modalities, the massage therapy services of Deborah Phelps enable enduring, positive effects on the body.
  • Clinical Weight Loss
    Using Ideal Protein products and protocol with supervision by licensed health care professionals, Ridgewood offers guidance, education and encouragement that participants need to reach and maintain weight loss goals.
  • Creativity Workshops
    Taught by Deborah Phelps, our creativity workshops exercise the artistic and inspirational aspect of the self-an important component in developing spiritual wellness.

We hope you will take the time to review our services in each area and find those that appeal to your needs. Return frequently for new information and updated workshop schedules. We welcome your feedback and questions.

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